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Article: Benefits of Water Flossers

Benefits of Water Flossers

Flossing is a very important part of a daily oral health routine, and you should be doing it every day, however it’s another part of your daily routine that may not get prioritised when you are busy or distracted with family or work.

Many people still use the traditional dental floss however this can be difficult to use and can cause damage and irritation to the gums if not used correctly. In addition to this, traditional dental floss may not be suitable for you if you have crowns or are currently wearing braces.

Water Flossers which are also called an oral irrigator or a dental water jet provide a fantastic alternative to traditional dental floss and below we will explain how they work and the benefits that they provide.


How do water flossers work?

A water flosser uses a water jet to remove plaque, bacteria, and food from between your teeth, which can often be missed with a traditional toothbrush. With a refillable water tank, you can always have enough water flossing supplies on hand.


What are the benefits of water flossers?

Easy to Use. Water flossing is less difficult than using string floss, and don't require you to put your hands in your mouth or deal with used string floss. This makes them a more attractive option for people who want to incorporate flossing into their daily routine, since it involves less effort.

They Improve Gum Health. Using a water flosser is a great way to remove plaque and food debris from hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. By using a water flosser in these these areas, you can prevent diseases like gingivitis and other gum-related diseases.

They are more gentle. Water flossing is much more gentle than traditional floss. Irritating your gums is less likely along with reducing the risk of bleeding gums.

They are ideal for braces. If you're a braces wearer or are using Invisalign, or other orthodontic appliances, you may have difficulty flossing your teeth using a traditional flosser. The jet stream from a water flosser can effectively clean your teeth behind the wires and flush out any particles between the teeth, without a problem.

They offer deep cleaning. Dentists recommend water flossers especially to people who have experienced gum diseases in the past. Unlike a traditional floss, the water flosser is able to clean your teeth deeply by penetrating the periodontal pockets and removing any plaque or food between the teeth. 


What to look for in a water flosser

There are many things that you want to look for when choosing your water flosser:

Refillable water tank - A refillable water tank is a must as it allows for uninterrupted flossing.

Multiple flossing modes - Ensure that the flosser has multiple modes to suit your flossing needs.

Precision attachments - Look for a flosser which comes with multiple attachments. This allows the device to be effective in all areas of the mouth including the teeth and gum line.

Easy charging - Make sure that your flosser can be easily recharged, standard charging ports may not offer full waterproofing so look for ones with magnetic or wireless charging.

Waterproof device - As the flosser will contain and be around water its important that they are rated to a minimum IPX6 standard however we recommend IPX7 for safety and reliability reasons as this means they can be submerged in water up to 1 meter in depth.


If you are looking for the best water flosser then our Aqua XP Water Flosser is one to be considered. With three modes to select from, three different nozzles, IPX7 waterproof rated and magnetic charging this is truly a device for all your flossing needs which ticks all of the boxes.

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