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The perfect blend of design, technology, performance and luxury.

Introducing the XP Collection

Featuring the Sonic XP Toothbrush, Sonic XP Steriliser and Sonic XP Replacement Brush Heads, the XP Collection has been created for people that understand the importance of oral hygiene and the reciprocal value that sharing a beautiful smile has in the world.

Polished London, redefining oral beauty.

Designed with dentists for you.

Featuring the perfect blend of technology and luxury, the Sonic XP toothbrush is a stylish and practical addition to your daily oral care routine.

Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums, the Sonic XP toothbrush helps to enhance teeth whitening whilst improving overall gum health and removing up to 10X more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.

Sonic XP USPs

Smart, powerful performance.

Powered by patented twin engine motors with magnetic levitation technology and five smart performance modes, the Sonic XP toothbrush delivers an impressive forty thousand tailored brush movements per minute.

Each toothbrush head is fitted with DuPontTM bristles combined with W-shape Sonic XP Wave Surface Design to fit the contours of teeth and gums plus an X-shape Polishing Element to remove stains. The result: deep cleaning that is kind to gums, tough on plaque and perfect for whitening.

With up to three weeks use from a single charge, the Sonic XP toothbrush delivers an incredible, long lasting cleaning experience that you will love.


White Edition Sonic XP Toothbrush

Black Edition Sonic XP Toothbrush

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes.

The fast and convenient way to sterilise your toothbrush head with Polished London's UV-C Toothbrush Steriliser.

Research shows that toothbrushes are contaminated with all types of bacteria. More than 100 million types of bacteria and germs can be found on your toothbrush at home, due to shared bathrooms and toilet flushing.

This is why the experts at Polished London have created the UV-C Toothbrush Steriliser, designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in three minutes.


Compact and travel friendly.

Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of protecting against the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The fast and convenient way to sterilise your toothbrush head with Polished London's UV-C Toothbrush Steriliser, at home or on the go.

With a smart switch design, the sterilisation process starts the moment the case is closed and automatically switches off after sterilisation is complete which takes just three minutes.

The ultimate toothbrush heads.

Featuring a W-shape Sonic XP Wave Surface Design, Dupont Bristles and X-Shape Polishing Element, the Sonic XP Brush Heads use pulse technology to deliver an incredible cleaning performance.

Ergonomically designed, the slim brush head reaches all areas of the mouth with comfort and ease. The W-shape Sonic XP Wave Surface Design fits the contours of the teeth and gums enabling the soft, individually rounded DupointTM bristles to provide cleaning that is kind to gums and tooth enamel yet tough on plaque. Finally, the silicone X-shape Polishing Element helps to remove surface stains all in one brushing action.